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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

A real Beauty

Dark and silent,
It smiled a beautiful smile
Subtle and slowly,
it creeped all around
Magnificent was its pitch
intense was its grace
vicious was the waft
bright and shiny were the stars
tender was the touch
exhilarated and contented
I closed my eyes to feel

How beautiful is night
How wonderful is the silence
the empty streets and the howling dogs
the careless lovers kissing around
silent and no thoughts
I looked around
Glorious were the flyovers
sumptous were the buildings

How whimsical is mankind
how voluptuous is our imagination
When nature and mankind blended
I saw a true beauty - night!


  1. the poet is back in form.. loved it :)

  2. A true beauty indeed - your poem! Very exquisite and expressive. Beautifully penned.

    1. Oh Raj a comment like that from you truly made my day! :) Thanks a lot..

  3. lovely! so beautifully written :)


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