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Thursday, 24 May 2012

My New Friend

Exhausted and tired,
I looked at the sun
Smiling a wicked smile,
Ruthless and adamant
It shined so bright
Engulfing all my energy
murky and thirsty
I craved for water
Here and there
I looked for shops
To buy my ecstasy
Running across the road
I found salvation under a tree
Opening a bottle of water
I Unfolded the umbrella
While waiting for the bus
I had a partner under my umbrella
Hesitant and Frightened
Happy and easy after I smiled
Slowly and stealthily
He moved closer and closer
I shared my umbrella and the water
He wagged his tail in gratitude
I made a loyal friend
So sweet and lovely
So decent and caring
Everyday he waited to see me
To share my umbrella and love


  1. Are you sure the dog wasn't trying to befriend the umbrella? :P

    Jokes aside, compassion does help make friends. Nice poem, Gayu.

    1. Thank you Leo.. if the dog wants to befriend the umbrella it has to go through coz the umbrella is mine! :P

  2. Nicely written.
    I would have run away, am not a dog person :P

    1. thank you! :) lol I am not a doggy fanatic too but I felt pity for him.. :)

  3. Aww :"> Dogggyyy :D :*
    I love Dogs <3 :D.
    My mom hates that I have befriended every single dog in our locality :/ :P.
    But they are chooo cuteee :D :* <3.

    BTW nice poem :D
    Lovely ;) :D

    1. you are like mom then! She talks to the strays! :/ I like dogs in a distance.:D this one was special I guess.. thank you.. :*


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