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Saturday, 13 August 2011

The Mantra

Recently, our gym(Not Wipro) underwent a makeover. They had created an area for the kids to play and a separate workout area for women new motivating wallpapers, artificial flower vases everywhere and lots more like that. It had taken a new form all together and I loved it. There was a wallpaper that kept dragging my attention. I smile at it whenever I see it. When my trainer asks me why I smile, I say it says what I say myself all the time. It says, “I love myself”.

Folks! Isn’t that a beautiful line? I love myself! I just love myself for whatever I am!  Wow!!  It is a great thing to be satisfied with what you are! you are tall/short/fat/thin/dark/fair/bald/and so and so and so. You still enjoy being you.

Very recently, I was talking to my friend about a situation where she felt like killing herself for being so stupid! She likes a guy who commutes with her in the bus and tries talking to him(Since 6 months!!). She was asking me on what to do? I said “smile at him, he’ll smile back. Slowly, offer him a seat after a couple of days.” But the reverse had happened the guy smiled at her first and she froze!  The guy gave her a puzzled look and went past her. While getting off the bus he had told, “Hey, we have been starring at each other for so many months. I guess smiling shouldn’t harm. I am so and so” My friend was obviously embarrassed and she ran away!  She was shouting at herself for being such a disaster. I told her not to bother about it someone made the first move and it should be fine. He wouldn’t mind. She still kept saying, “I hate myself during these times. Why the hell didn’t I smile back?” To me smiling is a reflex action. I automatically smile when I see someone I know or even if I don’t know who cares! It’s just a smile! But that’s not the case with everybody. Basically, we are conservative and was brought up saying don’t smile at strangers. Change takes time! But why would someone hate themselves for not smiling back! Don’t you think that she’s being very hard to herself? There were times were I have not reacted when someone smiles at me. That’s because I was thinking something or listening to Music and have drifted to a completely different world. But I don’t curse myself for not smiling back. I just let it go and apologize when I meet the same person next time. According to me, I am being fair that way.

One more very close friend of mine who was 98 Kgs had reduced almost 30 Kgs over a year. Isn’t that a great achievement? Of course, it is! And after shredding all that extra flesh I had never thought he would be such a handsome hottie. Girls started glaring him wherever he went and for his smartness he got many friends in girls.  He used to share all his experiences with me and sometimes becomes my unofficial dietician.  But he had an inferiority complex he is not very tall. He always tell me, “Gayu! If I were a little taller, I would have been a model by now. But see I am a software Engineer.” and I tell him, “Man, you are one of the handsome guys in our project and also Wipro. When you were 98 Kgs you wouldn’t have even got the little thought of girls approaching you! Now I only see you with the cuties and you are enjoying life. Just love yourself for what you are! Even I love you for what you are” And he laughs.

In the first scenario my friend can slowly learn to smile when she sees people but in the second my friend cannot become tall ever.

I have come across many more people like this in life. They are upset with themselves for something they don’t have and can never be!! Can you change the way you look? NEVER! I secretly laugh when I see these people. I want to say all of them to understand one fact that this is you and nobody can be YOU and you cannot be THEM!” My nose is very BIG and I am not as slim as Deepika Padukone, I am short too. But nevermind! This is me and I cannot change the way I look. God thought that I will look good this way and has sent me to this world. I am a beautiful creation of god! Why would I hate myself coz I did not reciprocate someone’s smile or coz I am short or I have a BIG nose! 

If that cute dress doesn’t fit you go for the next size! Weight is just a number.Don’t let it stress you. You can always reduce it very easily (Trust me with a little diet control and regular workout you can very easily reduce a kg in a week)!

For all those who try to be someone else or compare yourself with someone else. I have a very simple question that I want you to ask yourself - Can’t you accept the fact that this is YOU?
People, Start loving yourself for how you look and what you are! Don’t ever feel bad for something you don’t have or something that others possess.

Always remember - You are unique! And when you feel low about yourself. Don’t forget to say the mantra -
“I love Myself!” 

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