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Sunday, 7 July 2013

You are my person

Memories hurt me more than reality
I try to move on but where do I start?
You were the beginning of my life
Never thought this will end
I made you break your promises
Now you have left my world
You were the only one with me
You helped me rebuild my world
Where do I go without you now?
Did you ever know that, You are my person?

Everything has come to a standstill
That beautiful love we embraced together
That undefined love I treasured
How do I move ahead without regrets?
I feel like the world is shattering down
I know time heals everything
But how do I tell you that I want you by my side
For, you are my person.

I am stuck with time in the past
I can see the future rolling infront of me
Yet I deny to move on 
Those memories are so beautiful to let go
I crave to create new ones
But you are not with me now
Where will I go find someone like you?

My heart yearns for another chance
While my mind says I deserve this
I know I can set things right
Maybe I don't deserve one
But people make mistakes
All I want is for you to hear
Missing you has become a part of my life
My heart stings to know that you have left
For you are the only friend I had in my life

And you will always be my person!


  1. Good one
    I wish that missed friend of your's gets a chance to read this...........

  2. Hope the lost frnds re unite forever.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. You've poured your heart out! Hope he/she is reading this and everything comes back to normal :)


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