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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A pleasurable addiction

An unquenchable thirst
A thirst that keeps growing
It makes me feel helpless
A craving to achieve,
A humongous hunger
The more I feed
The more it grows

Out of desperation
I try to think hard
The more I think
The more the emptiness
Feeling vacuous and feckless
I wanted to give up

Yet the strings get pulled
This is my passion
It is my life,
I had built it over insults and applause
Angst and jealousy

A dream that gave me wings
A hobby that became my world
An addiction that gives me pleasure
So here I am with my paper and pen
Scribbling everything that comes to my mind


  1. Beautiful poem Gayathri! Loved the title 'A pleasurable Addiction' Writing what a sweet drug!

  2. Loved it.. Superbly penned down..

  3. Well written.. Keep scribbling your thoughts! :)


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