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Monday, 30 July 2012

wooohooo Another award to flaunt! :D

A moment to feel elated, proud, happy and what not! Another award to adorn my beautiful blog. I received this award from Sreeja, a fellow blogger. Thank you Sreeja for giving me this award! :) This is the link to her blog you can visit it to read her work -

So here are the rules if you receive the award -
1.                   If you are tagged/ nominated you have to post 11 facts about yourself.
2.                   Then you answer the 11 questions the tagger has given you & make 11 questions for the people you are going to tag.
3.                   Tag 11 more Blogger.
4.                   Tell the people you tagged that you did.
5.                   No tagging back.
6.                   The person you tag must have less than 200 followers.

11 Facts about myself
1)      I am dead lazy.
2)      I listen to my heart.
3)      I take sometime to let people into my life, if you try to elbow in I will take longer time because you will officially enter the ‘Oh! He/She is irritating’ list of mine.
4)      I hate texting. Typing long texts is simply not my way of conversing with people and I hate SMS lingo. It annoys me. First, it kills the language, secondly if you don’t have time to type the complete word simply don’t text me and expect me to understand those broken pieces of words!
5)      I love to travel and explore. You are going out and need a company. Oh! Hey my schedule is totally free! Let’s pack and leave.
6)      I talk a lot and that’s a real lot. Sometimes you might want to say, ‘Oh! Girl, shut up. You are eating my head now!’ so I can actually stop but I will start again in another few minutes! So the only option is be to bear me blabbering!
7)      I hate hypocrites and I tend to stay away from them. I find them disgusting.
8)      I am very straight forward when it comes to giving my opinion. I say what I feel which hurts many of them. I have people who hate me for that but that’s me and you can deal with it.
9)      I hate beating around the bush, you want to talk to me tell me what you want to say and we can take it from there. Don’t keep dragging things just get to the point!
10)   I strongly believe that if you are supposed to undergo something in life you will, Everything that is happening to you for a reason and the reason is definitely good. Hence it is good to stay calm and watch life playing the show for you.
11)   I am afraid of love and have the fear of losing the person I love. So, I tend to stay away from people and not get emotionally attached to them. As this is the only way I found to protect my heart.

Questions from Sreeja –
1. What is the most important thing in your life?
My family, my dream, my passion.
2. Would you dedicate your time for society if chance comes, even if it is difficult?
Hmm.. well! I have not thought of it, but yes I think I will. :)
3. What is that one thing you would like to get from life?
Happiness and more experiences that will help me get wiser!
4. If ever you are alone in this whole world...then?
Seriously? Alone? I will die!! :O But if you give me books Oh! Guys leave me alone.. ;)
5. Who is that one person you would like to meet?(celebrity)
Chetan Bhagat. I started writing because of him. I really love the way he writes and I feel so attached to him I don't know why. But if I meet him once that will be the best thing that could ever happen to me in life. I will be spellbound for sometime and then say, 'Oh sir! You are uh.. Oh! I just love your work and sense of humour. You are THE AWEEESOMEST'
6. Your favorite genre in reading and why?
Fantasy (No thinking). It is amazing,  the way the authors create a whole new world, life and take the story from there! I cannot fathom the amount of imagination that goes into this kind of novels. These authors are number one geniuses in the world and OH-MY-GOD hats off to their creativity! So yes, Fantasy it is!
7. Are advertising an influencing thing in your life,   to what extend?
8. Your favorite author?Why?
Favorite author... favorite... well there are many! So I don't want to say just one and disappoint the others. heheh!
9. What is that wild thing you will do if nobody is going to judge you?
Get completely drunk walk on the streets singing songs loudly and finally call the people who broke my heart and swear at them. I just let them do it on and on till they decided to leave me. What an idiot I am!
10. How much blogging means to you?
A lot. It's like when you ask a kid how much she likes you, she spreads her arms as much as she could till a point she starts tumbling and losing balance and says "This much!" to her that is just huge and boundless!  So blogging means that much to me! :)
11. How do you discard the waste from your home?
from dumpbox to Dumpyard of course. :|was something else expect off this question? Sreeja if you ever read this blog let me know.

And by the way, I loved answering these questions. Thank you for asking! J
I am so excited about the fact that I was given this award and so I am still preparing the list of 11 bloggers who I think really deserve this award. So it will take sometime, I will post the list probably this weekend. Right now I am just bragging! ;)


  1. Gayathri I just loved reading are awesome....and yes we see so much of waste littered all over the street while I just asked.....thanks for such warm heart ed receiving....

    1. Oh! I am thoroughly flattered now..! :D People like you make my day.. :) Thank you Sreeja! :)

  2. congrats gayatri pretty well deserve this award, congrats !


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