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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A Revelation.

I thought you failed me,
But you were looking for better.
I thought you turned deaf.
But you tested my love for you.
I cursed you,
I told you don’t exist,
You still wished good for me.

I stopped loving you,
I stopped talking to you,
You always looked out for me,
Just like a worried mother,
And a caring father!
A friend to rely on,
A brother as naughty as you could be.

Now I realize that was one huge mistake,
I miss you terribly,
You have created a hollow in my heart,
I have reached the dead end,
I am not able to connect to you again.

All I think of day and night is you,
But I cannot find a way to connect with you!
Have you stopped loving me?
Oh! Don’t say yes, it’ll break my heart.
I want to be your loved one again,
Will you take me back?
I cannot live without your bliss!
I need to know a way to connect with you!

Nobody makes me feel so secured,
Nobody ever gives me what I wanted,
I had been a moron for few days
But there’s no place I could go,
Like a ball that is hit against a wall,
I will come right back to you,
Because I have no place to go
Please take me back!
Please give me your love again!
I love you and I cannot find a better love than you!


  1. That was a lovely expression of love:)

  2. wow nice one... if anyone going through the situation as mentioned through these beautiful verses, i can suggest them 1 thing "Dial the number"... it really works

    1. errr.. I think I suggested this to you! :P thank you! and anyway this guy doesn't have a number because he is GOD! ;)

  3. Simple yet full of feelings..I am sure he will love you more after the revelation..:D

    1. Wow yes I am sure he will coz he has a BIG heart :) Thank you for the comment! :)

  4. Somewhere in the poem, I read my own story... Beautiful :)

    1. Oh really? Sweet! Thank you! :)

  5. I like your blog post but I don't share the sentiment. I gave up on fairy tales and imaginary men in the sky back when I was 14.

    1. Nikhil.. It's OK everybody has a different belief! :) Thank you for liking my blog!! :)

  6. I have made the same mistake and have always blamed God for everything, but the real fact is that He loves us more than we could ever think...I could see my reflection in the poem...Nicely written Gaya3

  7. Yes Divya least do we realize it! But it never late.. :) I am happy you could connect to my poem and my thoughts! Thanks a ton..! :)

  8. Poem was very nice and Boo..Boo.. to all our egos.. :( What's a world without a little dishum..dishum with our loved ones and coming back to one another?

    1. hahah Sugeeth! Very true... Thank you for the visit! :)

  9. we all go through these phases, when we misunderstand the person we love...nicely expressed !

    1. Yes Nitin! Thanks a lot for the comment and visit :)

  10. Lovely Poem :) :D.
    Heartfelt words ;).
    I hope everything is ok :D :).

    1. Everything is perfectly fine my poojee.. :D If it isn't you will know..! Thanks a lot dear... :*

    2. :) Glad to know :D :).
      Mwahx :* :D
      No thanks :| :(


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