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Monday, 16 April 2012

I love you

When I saw you all I saw was you,
A drastic change hit my life,
You spelled a magic on me
And I smiled all day.

Haunted by your thoughts,
Smitten by your looks,
Blinded by your love,
Pampered by your care.
You gave me a new life,
You gave it a new meaning,
Filled with your smiles and kisses,
No more Spasm, no more tears.

Charmed by your sway,
My life is filled with gay,
Stupefied by those eyes,
Ensorcelled by your smile,

You hold me under your spell,
I am enthralled I am hypnotized,
I am spellbound, I am smitten!
Oh! What do I say?
I love you…


  1. Replies
    1. hahahaha... :D Thank you Suchi for visiting my blog and commenting..! :)

  2. "My love is for you
    shielding you at all cost
    Reasons why I survive"..... It took hours for me to think these few lines... I still don't know how you do it...

    1. wow... beautiful! You should start writing more... :) It is just what I feel that moment I pen it down immediately.. :) I wrote that one in 20 minutes if you were wondering.. :)

  3. Nice Nice. Expressed very well , but haunted and stupified? In love :-) ?

    1. Thank you! Oh yes! haunted by his thoughts in a good sense! ;) stupefied here means astonished, marvelled, striked.. :) Anything can happen to you when you are bitten by the love bug... ;)

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  5. you reminded me of the first time I met my husband:)beautifully written:)

    1. Thank you Pratnee... glad I reminded you of that! :)


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