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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

nsYelling is not a solution!

Last weekend, I had been to the reliance fresh supermarket. A woman in her mid 40s was yelling at a very old man. I presume the old man had already billed his items and was bringing more stuff to be billed and was bypassing the queue. This irritated woman who was waiting for her items to be billed said no! Wait, yelled at the old man, ‘What do you think? I am in the queue before you and you cannot just by-pass me and keep billing every single item you bring. Don’t you have some sense?’ I was shocked to hear that! The old man was shocked too, but all he did was took his stuff with his feeble arms and went to the next counter. But this woman didn’t stop there, she continued ranting. She said, ‘I have been to walmart in US and there people promptly follow the queue and this country is the only place where the queues are not followed and people are not respected.’ You are talking about respecting people? Very funny.
 After a point of time her comment came down to abusing a particular community which she assumed the old man belonged to. She started giving instructions to the people at the counter that they should never encourage such people and turn them down when they bypass the queue.  Now the woman’s anger is completely agreeable but she never realized that she was being an idiot there ranting about India and Indians alone! She was ignored by others – good for her. And come on! The old man should be at least 70 years old and he deserves some respect!
When I saw her out of the supermarket I had a serious urge to go and tell her, ‘So why don’t you instruct the manager at walmart to open a branch in Chennai? I agree that people don’t ignore the queue in Walmart but have you ever noticed that they are extremely polite and respect the senior citizens?’ But telling this to her will make least difference because I know she will not take it and will again yell at me. Why waste her energy?
Now, In my point of view, she is an idiot. An idiot who cannot respect a fellow human being and her environment, one that has no control over her anger and who cannot even understand that her character will be judged from the way she behaves. To me she is an impolite, ill-mannered and arrogant woman.
Very little times, we realize that we are making a fool of ourselves when we try to prove someone wrong because we don’t know to use the right words and emotion. We have least control over ourselves which is sad. That old man doesn’t really deserve to be yelled at, she could have politely asked him to follow the queue, and if he failed to listen she could have complained the manager. But yelling at him, later his community and finally India shows how immature you are. The old man took the sympathy votes and he behaved very decently by moving out of the store, never spoke a word! What a wise old man!
There is a different way to deal with people and situation, yelling is not a solution! It only shows that you are such a freak!


  1. Waiting in queue is always a problem with we Indians. When we're in queue suddenly our time become very important. This weekend the same happened with me, we were getting our stuff billed, post that I was checking if the man put everything in bag or not. Girl behind me started making tuch tuch sound, for us taking longer time at the counter. That's so irritating, those girls would be ready to wait in trial room queues for hours just to try hundreds of dresses they don't want to buy.

  2. Exactly and how is that we lose so much patience and start yelling at some stranger in public place!

  3. no wonder u right so well n express your feelings in such short part of this blog is the sentence after reading which I couldn't stop laughing....

    "Why waste her energy?" ;) :D

  4. True, I think we need to learn social manners and patience. Great read...

  5. @Saru - Thank you! Yes! education on social manners need of the moment

  6. @Saru - Thank you! Yes! education on social manners need of the moment


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