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Friday, 20 January 2012

An Angel!

A friend who lends her shoulder when needed,
An elder sister who stumps me when I cross that danger line,
A little brother who's extremely notorious all the time,
My child when she jumps on saying "Do you want ice-cream?"

She stood by my side ,when the whole world turned its back on me
She knocked me on my head when I questioned my own abilities
She shrugged and said, 'Start over girl!' When I lost everything I had
She tried to convince and bring my love back when he left me
She nodded in approval when I wanted to follow my heart

She  gave up her share of food, so I can have more
She convinced on her luxuries to buy what I wanted
She gave me all I wanted and expected nothing in return
She never failed to make that extra effort to push me to perfection
She hid her tears when I wanted to leave  her for my dreams

I felt pride when my friends called me lucky to have her
I jumped in joy when she drove the car alone for the first time
I was suprised when she enjoyed the crowd more than I did
I laughed when she fell of f the scooty and showed me faces
I wondered and smiled when she danced with me!
I almost died when she cried in pain
I love her for all she is and she will be

And I know this love of yours will never fade and will never die
Now I know even if the whole world fails me, you are there when I come back home
And this is for you to know -no matter what happens I am there for you and will always be
I love you mom!

This is a tribute to all the best mothers - just like mine! :) Please know we all love you and you are the best! :)


  1. Is this week Mom's week ? i am seeing plenty of marvelous posts on motherhood and mothers :)
    Lovely post..
    we will find shortage of words whenever we try to describe mother's love !
    touchyyy and strong as well..
    keep writing :)

  2. First few lines and I thought you forgot to mention about mom. Few lines in and I realize it was about her :D \m/

  3. @Deepak - Oh really! I never know that there were too many posts on mum this week.. :) Thanks a ton for your comments it really motivates to me write more!

    @The Narcissist - hahah..! Thanks and hope you liked it.. :)

  4. nice nice nice....loved the line..
    I laughed when she fell of the scooty and showed me faces.... :D


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